Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o speech at Black Beauty Essence magazine

I think I fell in love.

I don’t watch a lot of mass media anymore: movies, TV, etc.
So this video, seen today, is the first I’ve seen/heard from Lupita Nyong’o (although the buzz has been chattering since the Oscars).

Not only do I find her absolutely gorgeous in an aesthetic sense, but this speech brought a tear to my eye. Her compassion touched me. The words of her mother were felt deep.

“You cannot eat beauty.”

Right now, I am feeling so incredibly touched by Lupita’s speech, that I can barely organize the thoughts into something coherent.

Today, young women, and especially young women of color, are held to such impossible standards. It is only by these standards that they are given any power, but it is not usable power. These beauty standards are still a chain used to confine them to the patriarchy.

Even when women achieve real power, they are continually held against the standards of beauty as if it is a measure of their qualifications. That our (former) Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is repeatedly lambasted for her fashion, makeup, and hairstyle is a direct example.

I hope this video goes viral. I would like to see more young women strive toward real beauty, and knock down these ridiculous standards heaped upon them by the mainstream media.